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Anti-corrosion coating plant analyzes steel structure anti-corrosion

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-12

Anti-corrosion coating is for some metal parts. These metal substances will be in contact with the atmosphere for a long time during use. If the maintenance work is not done well, equipment failure will occur, and a series of accidents will be caused in serious cases. The emergence of anti-corrosion coating reduces the corrosion and appearance loss of these metal parts, and can prolong the service life of these parts. Let's first analyze how the steel structure is anti-corrosion.

Common anticorrosion methods for steel structure anticorrosion include: hot dip galvanizing, thermal spraying aluminum (zinc) composite coating, anticorrosion coating method, cathodic protection method, etc. For steel structure anticorrosion, the commonly used anticorrosion method is to apply anticorrosion coating The anti-corrosion coating method is mainly used for indoor steel structures or outdoor steel structures that are relatively easy to maintain. Due to the difference in spraying equipment, the coating effect obtained is also different. The recommended construction methods are brush coating, airless spraying, and airless spraying. There are 3 kinds of painting techniques, different painting methods have different advantages and disadvantages.

Before the anti-corrosion paint is painted, the rust, welding spatter, oil, dust and other sundries on the parts to be painted should be cleaned up. The quality of surface cleaning and derusting is directly related to the quality of the coating.

In actual operation, in order to ensure the quality of the coating, sandblasting, pickling, manual derusting and other derusting processes can be used according to different needs. Only thorough derusting can ensure the good effect of the coating. For some rusted parts ,Use some tools to remove the rust before applying the anti-corrosion coating, which not only helps the appearance of the parts, but also helps to improve the weather resistance of the parts. Our company provides various types of anti-corrosion coatings, which is your good choice .