Automotive spare parts

Automotive spare parts
Automotive spare parts

Automotive spare parts is the composition of the car as a whole of the various units and services in the car a product, a wide range of automotive spare parts, as people's living standards improve, people are spending more and more cars, auto parts This market has become more and more large, auto parts manufacturers in recent years are also rapid development.

Automotive spare parts replacement points:

1, try to use sealant, when necessary, paint can be used to achieve the desired alternative bee effect;

2, according to the provisions of filling grease, regular cleaning to clear the vent and single valve;

3, strict operating procedures, seals should be properly installed to prevent deformation may not be in place;

4, Grasp the sealing performance specifications and requirements, timely replacement of the failure pieces;

5, under extremely clean conditions for assembly, parts surface without bump, no scratches, burrs and other attachments;

6, nut slip wire fracture, loose should be repaired or replaced with new pieces, and screwed to the specified torque.