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Xinxiang dacromet manufacturers briefly explain what are the ingredients of dacromet

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-07

At present, many products must undergo certain surface treatment during processing and production. Many existing surface treatment technologies are very developed. Xinxiang Dacromet is a new type of surface treatment technology, mainly using Xinxiang Dacromet paint for surface treatment. What are the main ingredients of Xinxiang Dacromet?

1. Metal objects: composed of zinc, aluminum and other substances, mainly ultrafine flaky zinc and ultrafine flaky aluminum.

2. Solvent: an inert organic solvent, such as ethylene glycol, etc.

3. Inorganic acid components: such as chromic acid, etc.

4. Special organic matter: It is the viscosity-increasing and dispersing component of the coating liquid, and the main component is cellulose-like white powder.

The products treated with Xinxiang Dacromet have good corrosion resistance, heat and humidity resistance, no hydrogen embrittlement, and improve the performance of the product while being environmentally friendly, so they are very popular among customers.

Through the introduction of Dacromet manufacturers in Xinxiang, I believe everyone already has a certain understanding of the ingredients of Dacromet paint in Xinxiang. Our company mainly sells Dacromet in Xinxiang. If you want to know more about Dacromet, Welcome to continue to pay attention to the official website of our factory.