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Dacromet metal coating factory shares common metal treatment

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-19

No matter what type of metal substance is in contact with the atmosphere, it will rust. In order to reduce the corrosion of metal objects, some Dacromet metal coating should be applied to the surface of the metal parts for metal surface treatment, which also isolates It prevents the direct contact between metal objects and the atmosphere, thereby reducing the occurrence of corrosion. In fact, there are some other metal treatment methods besides dacromet metal coating on metal objects. Let's take a look at the metal treatment methods.

Electroless plating is mainly used for plastic parts. First, a layer of copper or nickel is electrolessly plated on the surface of the workpiece, and then subsequent electroplating is performed. The latter layer is mostly chrome plating.

Anti-rust phosphating and blackening treatment, not decorative, the purpose is to improve the anti-rust performance of the workpiece, mainly used in the treatment of hubs and bearings.

Dacromet treatment, also known as Dacromet rust treatment or zinc chromium film, is a flaky zinc-based chromium salt protective coating. It is a high-tech metal surface treatment in the world and a coating method with good anti-rust performance. Dacromet does not directly immerse the workpiece in the Dacromet treatment solution without electrodeposition, or use brushing, electrostatic spraying to make the treatment solution adhere to the surface of the workpiece, and then sintered to form zinc, aluminum and chromium. Inorganic conversion coating of elements. It is mainly used in the antirust treatment of small parts, such as screws and nuts, and can also be applied to chains, supports, mud removal feet, front vertical bars, shelves, and parking racks.

It can be seen that in addition to Dacromet metal coating treatment on metal objects, there are some other methods to carry out anti-corrosion treatment of metal parts. Dacromet metal will be used in the production of some parts, vehicle skin treatment and other links Coating, and it will not affect the normal use of components in these fields, and will not affect the appearance. Our company provides various types of Dacromet metal coating, the quality is reliable, and it is your reliable choice.