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Dacromet coating equipment maintenance and repair work

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-11-25

Any equipment needs to be maintained, dacromet coating equipment is no exception, in order to make it better use, to extend its service life, maintenance content is essential.

Dacromet coating equipment maintenance work include: cleaning equipment, keep the equipment tidy, good lubrication, timely fastened loose fasteners, adjust the activities of the gap to ensure the safe operation of Dacromet coating equipment, equipment maintenance Maintenance Notes are as follows:

1, before the implementation of the power to ensure that it has been closed, such as must work in a charged state, the operation requires special care;

2, specialization, electrical wiring work must be performed by qualified electrical technician;

3, the warning work must be done, promptly and promptly prompts the staff equipment is being maintained, can not perform the operation;

4, in the electrical control cabinet or the motor before performing maintenance and inspection steps, we must make sure that the plant side power supply (circuit breaker) is turned off, note that the main power switch is placed in the closed position, the components may remain power, before performing maintenance steps, Use a multimeter to confirm that there is no residual power in the part. If maintenance is performed with the power on, it must be performed by a qualified electrical engineer;

5, unless the implementation of maintenance and inspection procedures, do not open the electrical control cabinet door;

6, check the threaded parts of the threaded parts are firmly tightened, do not over tighten the bolts;

7, if the Dacromet Immersion tank for a long time do not use, should clean the filtration circulation system, to avoid pipeline blockage; If not, you need to use a special coating solution thinner to clean the recovery pump to prevent the coating solution condensation drying in recovery Pump

8, Dacromet coating liquid is more sensitive to the temperature. To prevent the coating from smearing and delamination, the cooling and heating devices of the industrial chiller and the pneumatic stirring device of the semi-automatic coating machine should be guaranteed under normal working conditions.

Dacromet coating equipment life depends largely on equipment maintenance and repair work is done.