The United States and Canada is a surface treatment technology.

Preservative metal surface treatment affect the quality and life of various projects or products, anti-corrosion engineer has been committed to research and development can provide long-term corrosion and can reduce the pollution generated in the anti-corrosion project.

With the promotion of anti-corrosion technology, anti-corrosion engineering design needs from 2-3 years of anti-corrosion effect to more than 10 years of anti-corrosion effect.  In addition to the need to enhance the anti-corrosion life, more attention should be paid to the environmental pollution caused by the anti-corrosion process.

Zinc plating progresses from cyanide systems to acidic ammonium chloride and potassium systems to avoid cyanide contamination.

New hot dipping can provide large parts cheaper ideal anti-corrosion effect, but the anti-corrosion process itself consumes a lot of power, the nut and other standard parts of the screw is also difficult to solve.

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