bracket frame

bracket frame
bracket frame

Because different equipment has a large size difference, the required bracket frame also needs to be specially customized. How to produce a bracket frame with an ideal size has always been a difficult problem in the industry until the application of cold stamping technology. Solved this problem. The following editor will introduce to you the production process characteristics of this product:
1. The bracket frame is cold stamped, and the press is used to apply a certain pressure to the bracket frame installed on the fixed stamping model, so that it can be separated or deformed according to the production requirements, forming the expected shape of the product.
2. The advantages of the stent frame produced in this way are very prominent. Compared with the traditional hot stamping, because the processing temperature is lower, it will not cause hydrogen embrittlement of the material or reduce the compression resistance due to high temperature.
3. Secondly, the control of the cold stamping process is more convenient, so the precision and size of the bracket frame produced are also more ideal.
In addition to the above-mentioned support frame, our company can undertake the processing of various cold stamping products. If you have relevant needs, you can contact the customer service personnel of our company's official website.

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