Dacromet processing

Dacromet processing
Dacromet processing

Product Name: Dacromet processing

Application areas:

1, the automotive industry: automotive, automotive parts, fasteners;

2, household appliances: outdoor air conditioner accessories, washing machine parts, communications equipment components;

3, transportation facilities industry: highway guardrail, bridges, subway tunnel facilities, railway locomotive parts;

4, standard parts industry: bolts, nuts, gaskets, springs;

5, transmission and distribution of metal parts and components: GOLO transmission and distribution, urban power supply. Tower of the line, poles, metal parts, transformer enclosures, high-voltage switch connection systems;

6, hardware tools;

7, agricultural industrial greenhouse roof frame structure

In addition to the above examples of several industries, municipal engineering, mechanical and electrical, railway terminals, shipbuilding and ship repair, construction and decoration, aerospace, marine engineering, geological drilling, petrochemical, gas engineering, agricultural science and technology, bioengineering, medical equipment, etc. Dacromet processing technology can be developed and utilized.