Coating before treatment

Coating before treatment
Coating before treatment

Pre-coating is very important, so we have to pay special attention.

Dacromet coating refers to the immersion, brushing or spraying of a water-based zinc-chromium coating on the surface of steel parts or components. After baking, the inorganic anticorrosive coating containing flake zinc and zinc chromate as main components Floor.

main feature:

1, strong corrosion resistance: In the same amount of coating the case, zinc chrome coating in the wet tropical marine and industrial atmosphere conditions, the protective performance higher than the galvanized, cadmium plating, hot dip galvanized and other protective layer Several times or even several times;

2, will not produce hydrogen embrittlement: It is suitable for the surface protection of high strength bolts, springs and other steel parts with tensile strength Rm≥1000N / mm2.

Other features:

1, good paintability

2, no pollution to the environment;

3, good heat resistance;

4, high adhesion

5, with good accuracy.

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