Refrigeration spare parts

Refrigeration spare parts
Refrigeration spare parts

Refrigeration components are the basic components of a machine. The machine generally includes one or several transmission parts for receiving external energy, an intelligent execution part of the machine, and a transmission part of the motive power and motivation of the prime mover to the transmission part of the execution part. Coordination of the various parts of the machine monitoring and control system components, the machine further decomposition, you can get all kinds of parts.

Refrigeration spare parts:

1, the benchmark first: that is, the first processing of datum, the parts in the machining process, as the positioning of the appearance of the reference should be processed first, so as to provide follow-up process as soon as possible processing standards;

2, the division of processing stage: high quality machined appearance, are divided processing stage, generally can be divided into roughing, semi-finishing and finishing three stages. Mainly in order to ensure the quality of processing; is conducive to scientific application of equipment; easy to arrange heat treatment processes; and to facilitate the discovery of rough defects, etc.;

3, after the first hole: For the box, bracket and connecting rod and other parts should be processed after the first plane processing holes. In this way, the hole can be positioned in a plane to ensure the position accuracy of the plane and the hole and facilitate the processing of the hole in the plane.

4, finishing the main appearance of finishing, such as grinding, honing, grinding, rolling, etc., should be placed at the end of the process stage. The formulation of the general principle of precision parts processing technology route, the formulation of precision parts processing technology, can be divided into two parts. The first is to develop parts processing route, and then determine the size of each process steps, equipment and process equipment and cutting norms, working hours and so on.