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position NameNumber of recruitsJob Requirements
Personnel Specialist1 personMore than 3 years of experience in manpower and administration
Electrician, salesperson, quality inspection, production manager1 for eachNegotiable
Argon arc welder1 personMore than 1 year experience, aged 20-40 years old
Diemaker1 person3 years work experience
General workers4General workers are divided into stretch stamping, spot welding, salary 3000-5000 yuan, filter element operator salary 2500-3500 yuan, no experience limit, age 20-45 years old
Filter workshop operator2No experience limit, easy work

Contact: Ms. Zhao 13782540229

Working hours: 8:00-12:00 12:30-17:30

Work location: Northeast corner of the intersection of Daoqing Road and Xin 2nd Street