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What to do when applying metal

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-11-25

Metal coating should be used in the time how to do? Let's take a closer look.

In the use of dacromet solution, with 100 mesh sieve filter and magnet sucked to blasting steel and iron in particular, the week after use on a regular basis to replace the tank, tank cleaning.

Centrifuge drums, desiccant, liquid slag net belt should be frequently cleaned in the process of use so as to avoid attaching to the workpiece and affecting product quality. Processing equipment in the process of using medicine attention to detail, do not use a variety of organic solvents for a long time to avoid damage to the surface paint.

Now Dacromet technology can be said that the application is more and more common. When China started to introduce the technology, it may not understand the technology thoroughly and there are some difficulties in the specific operation. However, with the development of the times, Dacromet surface treatment technology has been improved and improved, so the application in this area can be described as blazing. But not all manufacturers can achieve this technology, because of its existence a certain degree of difficulty and complexity.

1, the general equipment or products in the face of sea water such a corrosive fluid, after a period of soaking, the main corrosion occurred coating material corrosion, the device surface dacromet can better prevent seawater into the coating inside With the formation of a stable corrosion product film on the surface of chromium-free dacromet coating, the further corrosion of the coating layer is gradually suppressed to reach a stable potential.

2. The difference of corrosion potential shows that the zinc-infiltration layer has strong effect on the sacrificial anode of the base metal, and the zinc-infiltration layer in the seawater can be rapidly consumed to reduce the protective effect of the coating on the base. Therefore, Dacromet technology should be a variety of equipment for surface treatment, corrosion reaction mechanism can change, the corrosion rate is very low, the corrosion reaction is basically inhibited.

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