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Dacromet coating problems and treatment in use

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-16

Dacromet coating is often used in the surface treatment process of metal parts. For metal parts, if they are used outdoors or in harsh environments for a long time, it will easily cause surface corrosion, which will affect the normal operation of metal parts. Use. Dacromet coating is developed to deal with these problems, but some Dacromet coatings will encounter some problems in use, let's see how to solve these problems.

1, The instability of the coating solution.

Due to the relatively high density of zinc powder, it is easy to precipitate when the coating is prepared, which makes the coating liquid layered. For this reason, a thickener must be used. Sodium polyacrylate is used to thicken the coating liquid. When it is added in excess, the coating liquid is very easy to gel. Thereby shortening the service life. It is not suitable from the perspective of the service life of the coating liquid and the production efficiency.

2, The effect of stirring time on the quality of zinc-chromium film.

Dacromet coating liquid must be stirred after batching, so that the slurry, chromic acid and other components are evenly mixed and reacted and matured. The prepared coating liquid has a service life, stored in a closed container, and kept stirring, can be used for 3 sky.

3, the influence of wetting agent.

Dacromet coated workpieces are all steel products. The coating liquid wets on the surface of the workpiece and spreads well, which directly affects the quality of the layer. If it is wet and spreads poorly, the surface of the workpiece will be leaked, and multiple coatings are required. Only when the coating can cover the surface of the workpiece, the coating will be uneven and the corrosion resistance will be reduced.

The above is the method of answering the problems encountered by Dacromet coating shared with you. Knowing these will also facilitate our application of Dacromet coating in the later stage. Dacromet coating is a kind of metal surface treatment coating after all. , the sealing work should be done well during storage to prevent the failure of the coating caused by improper storage and affect the normal use of the coating. Our company provides many types of Dacromet coating, if you need it, you can contact us .