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What is the phenomenon of hydrogen embrittlement for anti-corrosion coating manufacturers?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-11

We know that an important advantage of Dacromet anti-corrosion coating is that it can prevent the occurrence of hydrogen embrittlement, but many friends do not understand hydrogen embrittlement, so the benefits of Dacromet anti-corrosion coating are not so obvious Pay attention, change it, Dacromet anti-corrosion coating manufacturers will talk about what is hydrogen embrittlement.

Hydrogen embrittlement is the destruction phenomenon of metal materials under the combined action of hydrogen and stress. It makes the material suddenly brittle and causes serious accidents. For alloy steel, a kind of metal that is brittle due to the entry of hydrogen into the crystal structure The phenomenon.

Hydrogen embrittlement is hydrogen dissolved in steel, aggregated into hydrogen molecules, causing stress concentration, exceeding the strength of steel, and forming small cracks inside the steel. It is also called white spots. The trace amount of hydrogen entering the steel during the assembly process (such as electroplating, welding) will cause embrittlement or even cracking of the material under the action of internal residual or external stress. In the absence of cracking, the properties of the steel can be restored by dehydrogenation treatment. Therefore Internal hydrogen embrittlement is reversible.

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