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Dacromet manufacturers in Henan say that Dacromet is good or bad, can you tell?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-14

Henan Dacromet has been widely used in the market. Some manufacturers lack sufficient understanding of processing materials and production processes, resulting in many inferior products flowing into the market. For this, friends must improve their awareness of identification and master some good identification of Henan Dacromet. method.

1, washing method

Dacromet coating solution is water-based coating solution. In the Dacromet solution using flake zinc powder, a small amount of metal powder will precipitate at the bottom of the container. Take the precipitated metal powder and put it into a 500ml beaker, add 400ml of deionized Water, stir it evenly with a glass, and let it stand for 30 minutes. Observe that if there is only a small amount of metal powder at the bottom of the water, most of which are still suspended in the water, it is a good Dacromet coating solution; if there is spherical powder or cake-shaped powder precipitated , After removing the water, twist the spherical powder by hand, if there is a smooth feeling, it is inferior dacromet coating solution. In the coating solution, choose zinc powder dacromet coating solution with little precipitation, the performance is better.

2, observation method

Use a general microscope to observe the zinc powder deposited on the bottom of the cup after washing to distinguish the quality of the coating solution. Precipitation will appear soon during the washing method, and this zinc powder is not suitable for Dacromet.

The above two methods of judging the quality of Henan Dacromet hope to be helpful to you. The quality of Henan Dacromet produced by our factory has been strictly tested. You can buy with confidence. For more details, welcome to inquire.