Dongfeng Fengshen automobile air conditioning filter element

Dongfeng Fengshen automobile air conditioning filter element
Dongfeng Fengshen automobile air conditioning filter element

Product Name: Dongfeng FengshenCar air conditioner filter

1. Applicable models: This product is used in Dongfeng Fengshen AX7 high-end models, and the same series CY77-109 is used in Dongfeng Fengshen AX7 low-end models;
2. Product features: 1. This product is a white fiber filter product, which can effectively filter PM2.5 particles (>99 percent), and can customize the material of activated carbon cloth according to customer needs;
2. The raw materials used are safe and harmless, and meet the relevant standards of the OEM.

3. Product application: In order to improve the comfort of the car, the manufacturer has done a lot of design and arrangement in terms of shock absorption, and also added air conditioners, speakers and other configurations for the car. Then the car air conditioner also needs Filtering equipment is used. The car air conditioning filter element is a device for filtering the small air conditioner in the car.
The car cabin air filter uses composite materials such as activated carbon and filter cloth, which can filter the air blown from the air conditioner into the car. On the one hand, the purpose is to filter out some harmful and odorous gases such as smoke, pollen, dust, etc. in the car cabin. In addition, this car air conditioning filter element can also absorb some impurities in the filter oil through the adsorption of activated carbon, and effectively remove harmful components such as TVOC, benzene, phenol, ammonia, formaldehyde, 2-toluene, styrene, etc. to achieve gas purification , the function of filtering dust is a good application product for various types of vehicles, especially commercial vehicles, as air-conditioning filter equipment.
In addition, we need to pay attention to the fact that after the car air conditioning filter absorbs impurities and dust for a period of time, it will also be polluted and cannot effectively purify and filter. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the new filter element, otherwise continue to use it instead It will have the opposite effect of aggravating pollution, and the air conditioner will fail to work, the air outlet will not have enough wind, and there will be peculiar smells and so on.