Dacromet Nut

Dacromet Nut
Dacromet Nut

Dacromet nuts refer to nuts that have been treated with Dacromet on the surface, and generally need to be used together with Dacromet bolts.
If you only compare the performance of anti-corrosion, oxidation, etc., the two surface treatment processes of hot-dip galvanizing and mechanical galvanizing work well. But they will thicken the surface film of bolts and nuts, so further remediation is required. Tooth reaming treatment, otherwise the bolt and nut will not be well combined.
The spring black Dacromet coating process is very thin and can be evenly coated, so it is very suitable for anti-corrosion treatment of some medical equipment, pipe fittings and high-strength parts.
In addition, Dacromet nuts and bolts are used for the installation of automobiles and other equipment, the appearance is more beautiful, and the installation is convenient.
Our company has good technology, spring black dacromet coating technology, and rich production experience, so the dacromet nuts and dacromet bolts produced have good anti-corrosion effect, and the price of spring black dacromet coated products is reasonable, after-sales service With a good attitude, it is deeply trusted by customers and has a good reputation in the market.

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