Refrigeration special accessories

Refrigeration special accessories
Refrigeration special accessories

If the compressor is the "heart" of the refrigeration unit, then the various accessories must be the "skeleton" of the refrigeration unit, especially the valve products, which can throttle the depressurization of the refrigerant and at the same time control and regulate the flow into the evaporator In the number of refrigerant liquid, and the system is divided into two parts of the high pressure side and low pressure side.

Carbon dioxide compressor has been widely used in the international community at present, but its utilization rate is not high in our country. However, since carbon dioxide is definitely the future direction of refrigeration, it is very necessary to aim at the market of carbon dioxide as soon as possible.

More emphasis on standardized assembly line operations, in order to achieve mass production of products, so that costs can be controlled. Only the cost down, the price will decline, customers will be easy to accept our products, refrigeration dedicated accessories mass production is our advantage. It is important to do three things:

(1) adhere to the production of quality products;

(2) never participate in vicious competition;

(3) Stick to brand promotion. "

Very clear about their own position, we lock in the high-end market, determined to produce only quality products. Secondly, it is precisely our own position has a clear grasp, let us keep a clear head, and resolutely do not participate in the market cheap parts low-cost competition. After that, to gain a firm foothold in the accessory market, we must pay great attention to brand promotion.