Dacromet ring gear

Dacromet ring gear
Dacromet ring gear

Dacromet ring gear is an important auto parts, named after the dacromet coating process used in the production process.
Below we invite a factory technician who specializes in the production of Dacromet ring gears to introduce the development history of this type of coating process to us:
Dacromet coating technology is an anti-corrosion technology that was gradually applied to the civilian light industry field from the military field in the 1970s.
At the beginning, it was widely used in Japan. The geographical location of Japan caused a lot of losses every year due to the corrosion of steel structure parts. Therefore, when Japanese companies learned that the US military had achieved good anti-corrosion effects by using this technology , directly and quickly introduced, and produced a variety of industrial spare parts using this technology, such as the Dacromet ring gear introduced in this article.
my country introduced this technology in the 1990s, and continued to improve and develop it in the next 20 years.
In addition to being widely used in the automotive field, Dacromet ring gears have gradually begun to develop in various industries such as oil exploration, bridges, roads, infrastructure, and electric power.

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