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Dacromet manufacturers analyze the reasons for their popularity

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-07-31

At present, there are many surface treatment technologies on the market, but due to strict environmental protection requirements, more and more green environmental protection equipment is used for production. Among them, Dacromet is a very good industry in the metal surface industry.

Here's a detailed analysis for everyone:

1. Since electroplating not only causes serious pollution caused by the atmosphere, land and water sources, it is also very harmful to operators. Therefore, the extinction of the electroplating industry is an inevitable result, and the conversion of electroplated parts to Dacromet is inevitable. Dacromet production In the process, there is no pollution, and it is the real green industry encouraged by the state to develop;

2. The current cost of using Dacromet technology is higher than the cost of electroplating, but it is more cost-effective to conduct economic analysis in depth. The life of Dacromet coating is three to five times higher than that of electroplated parts, and even more. Not only saves a lot of maintenance costs, but also saves a lot of material costs;

3. It is also necessary to use Dacromet technology for various metal surface coatings. First, because the original electroplated parts have poor corrosion resistance, easy to rust; poor thermal corrosion resistance, easy to deform; poor surface stability of the coating, easy hydrogen embrittlement; second, because Dacromet technology overcomes these shortcomings of electroplating, can do ten No rust over the year to meet the requirements of users and adapt to the requirements of export products.

The above is an analysis of the necessity of Dacromet for everyone, and I hope to help everyone.