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Xinxiang Lida Factory share its application scope

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-06-05

With the development of the Times, the application of the technology in our country is very extensive, especially in some of the mechanical equipment of the use of the more common. Dacromet technology, we can not only deal with steel, iron, aluminum and its alloys, but also to carry out some surface treatment, she involved in the industry and a considerable number of industries, let's look at the scope of her application.
Xinxiang Lida Manufacturers analysis of its application scope:
1, automobile, motorcycle industry: The technology originated from the automotive industry, in the automotive parts surface treatment requires the use of the technology of the Rockwell. Automotive parts are treated with high stability, heat, moisture and corrosion resistance. With China's accession to the WTO, China's automobile industry and the pace of international integration is more and more rapid, the application of the technology in the domestic automotive industry is more and more broad.

2, electrical communication industry: household appliances, electronic products, communications equipment and other high-end products parts, the original devices, accessories, and so on, some need to be placed outdoors for a long time, so the quality of the product requirements, the past use of zinc electroplating method, the quality is low and up to the requirements. If the use of the technology processing, the corrosion resistance of products will be greatly improved, product life, quality will be greatly improved, while beautifying the environment, expanding the market. Therefore, more and more enterprises in China have begun to adopt the technology.
3, traffic facilities industry: Subway and tunnels are underground, the environment is dark and humid, poor ventilation; bridge, elevated, port machinery in the long-term outdoor sun and rain, they are very easy to rust, will soon occur rust phenomenon, greatly reducing the safety factor. If the key structural parts and fasteners are handled with the help of the Rockwell technology, they are not only safe and reliable, but also aesthetically durable. Now the domestic subway engineering, port machinery and so on have begun to use Dacromet treatment technology.
Xinxiang City, the manufacturers to share the technology in the automotive, household appliances, transportation facilities and other industries in the application is very extensive, so you are in the industry also need to use, then contact us as soon as possible.