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Henan Dacromet manufacturers bring you to understand the wide application of Dacromet technology

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-05-09

China is a big country in steel use. The annual steel consumption is very large. However, because the nature of steel is very easy to rust, we have to work hard on the anti-rust measures of steel. Dacromet technology is our anti-rust on steel. More anti-rust measures are also the most popular anti-rust measures. Henan Dacromet manufacturers have brought Dacromet processing technology into many areas around us. Let's take a look at Dacromet processing. The application of technology in our field.
Learn about the wide range of Dacromet technologies:
1. Automobile and motorcycle: This product is high-speed running vehicle, and its components require good stability, heat resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance.
2, electrical and electronic: household appliances, electronic products, communications equipment and other high-end products, parts, components, accessories and other quality requirements, the past use of electro-galvanized zinc is now converted to Dacromet process technology, quality, life expectancy, the market Competitiveness has also improved.

3. Metal parts of subway tunnels, railways and electrified railways: subways and tunnels are underground, the environment is dark and humid, and the ventilation is poor. Tracks, bolts and metal parts are very easy to rust. The current Dakro treatment is most suitable.
4, bridge elevated, highway metal parts: a bridge, an elevated, a highway is a permanent building, a hundred years of planning, quality first. Highway wave guard bars, elevated frames, metal components of bridges, fasteners, etc., due to long-term outdoor sun and rain, rusting occurs very quickly. Key structural components and fasteners are not only safe and reliable, but also aesthetically pleasing if coated with Dacromet technology.
This is just a few applications that Dacromet's processing technology is more representative. After the processing of these steel equipment, our corrosion resistance is obviously enhanced, and the steel performance has been greatly improved. Now Dacromet technology is in us. There are applications in many fields, which fully proves the superiority of Dacromet's processing technology. I think that with the further improvement of our technology, Dacromet processing technology will be more advanced and the application range will be more extensive, around us. Applications will also be more and more.