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A brief introduction to Dacromet

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-06-26

Dacromet, a name that is not common in life, but capable of treating metal surfaces, Dacromet process is also the most representative high-tech in the treatment of metal surfaces in the world. Currently, this process is widely used in industry. More developed countries.

The Dacromet process not only processes the metal surface, but also treats the sintered metal, as well as some special materials for surface treatment. It can cover a wide range of fields, and this process is still in the process of further development, and the future prospects are great.

The specific industries and areas that are currently being contacted are:

1 , cars and motorcycles;

2 , electronic and electrical industry;

3. Subway tunnels;

4 , highways and bridges, port machinery, etc.;

5 , hardware materials, etc.;

6 , military, communications and medical equipment.

Dacromet is a very environmentally friendly process. This clean process does not pollute the environment and will be widely used in various electro-galvanizing industries in the future.