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Analysis on the necessity of using the technology of the Dakota

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-07-24

There are a lot of metal surface treatment technology, but we should not know too much, but if you want to use green equipment to produce, which is the appearance of Dacromet metal surface industry is a very good industry, because the process has a lot of a little, like no pollution is the pursuit of many manufacturers.

The necessity of the prior process of the Rockwell:

1, because electroplating not only to the atmosphere, water and land will cause serious pollution, the harm to the operator is also very large, so the demise of the electroplating industry is the inevitable result, but the plating is also necessary for the purpose of the production of the process, no pollution, is the state to encourage the development of the real green industry;

2, metal surface coating using the process is very necessary, because of the original electroplating pieces of anti-decorative inspection, easy to rust, poor corrosion resistance, easy deformation, coating surface stability is poor, easy to crisp; second, because the technology overcomes the electroplating of these shortcomings, can do more than ten years do not rust, so as to adapt to user requirements;

3, at present, the cost of the process is higher than the cost of electroplating, but in-depth economic analysis is also advantageous, the life of the process coating parts is higher than the original electroplating parts of three to five times times, and even more, not only save a lot of maintenance costs, but also save a lot of material costs.

The above is what we call for everyone on the use of the analysis of the process, I believe that we have more understanding, there are a lot of parts are also beginning to use the process, because the electroplating technology has not been able to meet the requirements such as automotive, aerospace and other conditions, so the emergence of dacromet is very necessary.