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The development trend of Xinxiang Dacromet

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-04-17

In our daily life, many people should have seen the related machinery for processing Dacromet, because Dacromet's development is getting better and better, so friends, the development of Dacromet should be on the rise. Then, let us briefly introduce the development trend of our Xinxiang Dacromet today.

Dacromet's non-chrome, foreign related companies have been researching for some years. Because chromium salt is a compound that is cheap and easy to obtain and has remarkable anti-corrosion effect, it is difficult to find all aspects of performance better than it. alternatives. People have conducted in-depth research on this issue, and many related literatures have discussed this aspect.

After the joint efforts of many experts, some chrome-free Dacromet products have already begun to appear. The low chromium and non-chrome of Dacromet is a trend. There are also many companies in China that are researching and developing such products, or directly introducing products and production technologies from related foreign companies. This year, many users have proposed higher specifications for Cr6+ in coatings, which has forced Dacromet manufacturers to improve their processing technology. The chrome-free anti-corrosion coating will be a new and more environmentally friendly surface treatment system, and its development will bring us a better living environment.

Regarding the development trend of Xinxiang Dacromet, we will talk about it today. From the above we can see that Dacromet's low chrome and non-chrome is a new development trend of Dacromet, if you want to understand If you have more information about Dacromet, please contact us or visit our homepage, we will continue to bring you more advice.