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How to detect the Dacromet solution in Henan Dacromet manufacturers

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-05-31

Dacromet believes that everyone is familiar with it. In our daily life, many places will be applied. To understand the understanding of Dacromet solution coating, Xiaobian has introduced a lot of knowledge about it in the past. But how to detect the Dacromet solution coating, but has not yet introduced it, and then come to know with the Henan Dacromet manufacturers .
First, the appearance: under natural refracting light, observe with the naked eye. The basic hue of the zinc-chromium coating should be silver-gray, and other colors such as black can be obtained by modification. The zinc-chromium coating should be continuous without defects such as leakage coating, bubbles, flaking, cracks, pitting, inclusions, etc. The DCM-680 coating should be substantially uniform with no significant local over-thickness. The coating should not discolor, but small yellow spots are allowed to exist.

Second, the coating amount and coating thickness detection: the standard coating grade or coating thickness of different grades is divided into four grades, can be tested by two methods, dissolution weighing method: weight greater than 50g sample The original mass W1 (mg) was weighed using a balance with an accuracy of 1 mg, and the sample was placed in a 20% NaOH aqueous solution at 70 ° C to 80 ° C, and immersed for 10 minutes to completely dissolve the zinc chromium coating. The sample was taken out, dried immediately after washing with water, and the mass W2 (mg) of the sample after the coating was dissolved was weighed.
Dacromet solution coating before the use of the inspection, how to do it, I believe everyone has a simple understanding, and everyone encountered such a problem, can also be quickly resolved.