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Dacromet Metal coating manufacturers analysis of the advantages of surface treatment

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-04-09

Dacromet is not electrolytic zinc chromate coating, coating the whole process without waste water, waste discharge, is to replace the serious environmental pollution of the traditional galvanized hot dip zinc type ideal technology. Then the application range of the Rockwell Metal Coating Let's take a look!

Dacromet metal coating is widely used, not only to deal with steel, iron, aluminum and its alloys, but also to deal with sintered metal, as well as special surface treatment, it has been designed to a considerable number of industries and industries.

1, automobile, motorcycle industry: The metal coating technology from the automotive industry, some large automobile companies in the automotive parts surface treatment requires the use of the technology, the automotive parts through the processing of the Rockwell has a high stability, heat, moisture and corrosion resistance;

2, Electrical communications industry: household appliances, electronic products, communications equipment and other high-end products, components, the original devices, ancillary parts, and so on, some need to be placed outdoors for a long time, so the quality of the product requirements, the past use of electroplating zinc method, low quality and not meet the requirements. If the use of technology processing, the product's anti-corrosion performance will be greatly improved, the product's service life, quality will be greatly improved, while beautifying the environment and expand the market. Therefore, more and more enterprises have started to adopt the technology in China.

3, transport facilities industry: subways and tunnels are underground, the environment is dark and humid, poor ventilation, bridges, elevated, port machinery for a long time outdoor rain and rain, they are extremely easy to rust, rust will soon occur, greatly reducing the safety factor. If the key structural parts and fasteners are treated with the technology of Rockwell, they are safe, reliable and durable. Now the domestic subway engineering, port machinery and so on have begun to use dacromet treatment technology;

4, transmission and distribution of power: high voltage transmission, urban power supply, in addition to power cable, nude open-wire are in the outdoor high-altitude, not only the sun and rain, but also by environmental pollution, maintenance and maintenance task is very heavy. High voltage transmission line tower, poles of the transverse, iron hoop, elbow, bolts, steel caps, transformers on the fuel tank, fasteners, etc. if all use of technology processing, although a one-time investment, the corresponding increase in costs, but beautiful and durable, once and for all, saving a large number of perennial maintenance costs.

The above is the Rockwell metal coating manufacturers to introduce all the content, I hope to help you.