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Industry application of Dacromet metal coating technology

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-03-29

Dacromet's rapid development in many industries are popular, the technology can not only deal with steel, iron, alloy, but also can deal with sintered metal and special surface treatment, and therefore in a wide range of applications, the following small series for you to briefly introduce the current contact with the industry.

1, Motorcycle parts and components: automobile motorcycles are a high-speed vehicle, the components of the stability, heat, moisture and anti-corrosion performance requirements are very high, so many parts of the car has been handled by the Lockerbie.

2, Electrical appliances: electronic components, components and accessories have a high quality requirements, compared to the traditional method of electroplating zinc, the technology is more competitive, product quality, life expectancy have been improved.

3, the transmission and distribution of metal and structural components: the technology used in the high voltage transmission and distribution, urban power supply, such as electricity transmission of metal and structural parts, can save a lot of maintenance costs, and beautiful and durable, but the initial investment quite large, and therefore not fully popularized.

4, bridges, elevated, expressway metal parts: Bridges, elevated, highways are long-term use of buildings, high quality requirements, using the technology of Rockwell coating treatment, its high anti-corrosion performance can greatly increase the service life of these buildings, safe and reliable, beautiful and durable.

5. Metal parts of subway tunnels and railways: underground of subway tunnel location, dark damp ventilation is poor, so the metal is very easy to rust, the use of Rockwell coating products, with super corrosion resistance, anti-rust effect for traditional electroplating zinc, hot dip galvanized or coating coating method more than 7-10 times, so that the Subway tunnel railway service life has been extended.

In addition to the above industries,Dacromet Metal CoatingTechnology is also used in municipal engineering, agricultural greenhouse roof truss, hardware tools, marine engineering, petrochemical, gas engineering.