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Brief introduction of Dacromet coating surface treatment Technology

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-03-12

Now the technology can be said to be more and more widely used, the beginning of China's introduction of the technology, may not be particularly thorough understanding of the technology, in the specific operation of a certain degree of difficulty. But with the development of the times, Dacromet coating surface treatment technology has been upgraded and improved, the application of this aspect can be said to be a consummate, nor any manufacturers can be able to time this processing technology, because it has a certain degree of difficulty and complexity.

1. General equipment or products facing corrosive fluids such as seawater, after a period of immersion, corrosion of the main coating materials, clothing, the equipment surface of the processing can be better to block the seawater into the coating of the role of the surface, with the formation of a stable coating of the product film layer, Gradually inhibit the further corrosion of the coating and achieve a stable potential;

2, the difference of corrosion potential in the zinc-coated layer on the base metal sacrificial anode effect is strong, in seawater, the zinc layer will quickly consume and reduce the protective effect of the coating on the substrate, so the technology of the surface treatment of various equipment, can make the corrosion reaction mechanism change, corrosion rate is very low, corrosion reaction is basically suppressed.

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