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What do I do when dacromet metal coating is used?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-02-26

In the process of using the solution of the Nile, 100 mesh filter and magnet suction out to the special sandblasting steel balls and iron, regular after the use of a week on the need to change the water tank, water tank cleaning.

Use process Chinese medicine often clean centrifuge drum, dryer, liquid slag mesh belt, so as not to attach to the workpiece, affecting the quality of products. Dacromet processing equipment in the use of the process should always pay attention to the details of the problem, do not use a variety of organic solvents for a long time, to avoid damage to the surface of the paint, and how to do when the use of Rockwell coating? There is to avoid direct sunlight, such as the Nile coating.

  Dacromet Metal CoatingThe equipment needs regular maintenance and maintenance to prolong the service life of equipment performance. Maintenance content including cleaning equipment, keep equipment neat, good lubrication, timely fastening loose fasteners, adjust the gap between the active part, to ensure the safe operation of the painting equipment. Make sure the power supply is turned off before execution, and be particularly careful when working in a live state. Special matters, electrical wiring work must be performed by qualified electrical technicians.

Warning work must be done bit, prompt and clear staff equipment is being maintained, can not perform operations. In the electrical control cabinet or the motor to perform maintenance and inspection procedures before, must determine the workshop side power supply has been closed, if the oil immersion trough for a long time does not use, should clean filtration circulatory system, to avoid pipe blockage if not used, you need to use a special coating diluent cleaning recovery pump, to avoid the condensation drying in the recovery pump.