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Why the Dacromet process is widely used

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-03-05

Dacromet process has excellent corrosion resistance, passivation of galvanized coating, salt spray test generally 10 hours of corrosion 1um,3um thick rainbow color passivation film 200-hour eclipse wear.

Dacromet Salt spray test, it takes 100 hours to corrode 1um, compared with the traditional surface treatment of corrosion resistance 7-10 times, salt spray test up to 1000 hours. Dacromet process of traditional coating in the condition of more than 70 ℃, there will be small cracks, in 200-300 ℃ conditions will change color, corrosion resistance is also greatly reduced.

  Dacromet TechnologyAnti-corrosive film can resist the high temperature of 300 ℃, so the surface is under the film even for a long time under high temperature conditions, its appearance unchanged, heat-resistant corrosion good.

Hydrogen embrittlement of Dacromet process is a disadvantage that traditional plating process can not be completely overcome. Dacromet treatment process can not be any acid treatment, there is no electroplating when the problem of hydrogen permeation, coupled with the high temperature curing, so the Nile has no hydrogen embrittlement anti-corrosion treatment.

The Dacromet process is widely used to deal with steel, iron, aluminum and its alloys, as well as sintered metals and special surface treatments. It involves a considerable number of industries and industries, such as: automobile, motorcycle industry, the technology originated in the automotive industry.