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What are the excellent properties of the Dacromet process?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-02-09

Now, dacromet around us gradually popularization, around many products in the production process have to go throughDacromet TechnologyProcessing, there are a lot of friends of the Dacromet deal with a skeptical attitude, that the processing of the Rockwell not so many advantages, below we will introduce to you to release the fine properties of the coating, take you to understand the advantages of the coating.

High heat resistance: Dacromet can withstand high temperature corrosion, heat-resistant temperature of up to 300 ℃ or more. And the traditional galvanized technology, the temperature reached 100 ℃ when the skin was scrapped. Ultra-strong corrosion-resistant function: The thickness of the film is only 4-8μm, but its rust-proof effect is traditional galvanized, hot dip galvanized or coating coating method more than 7-10 times. The standard parts and fittings of the technology of Rockwell were selected with no red rust in the salt-spray test 1200h. Outstanding permeability: Due to electrostatic shielding effect, the workpiece's deep hole, slit, pipe fittings, such as the inner wall is difficult to electroplating zinc, so the workpiece of the above parts can not choose Electroplating method to protect. Dacromet is able to enter these parts of the workpiece to form a Rockwell coating. Non-hydrogen brittleness: Dacromet Treatment Technology resolution Dacromet No hydrogen embrittlement appearance, so Dacromet is very suitable for the coating of force parts. Good adhesion and coating function: The Rockwell coating has outstanding adhesion to the metal substrate, and has the intense adhesive with other additional coatings, the processed parts are easy to be sprayed and coloured, and the binding force of the organic coating is even more than the phosphating film.

We have analyzed the advantages of the Rockwell coating from several aspects, I believe that we also have more understanding of the Dacromet process, we are surrounded by the method and equipment is very much, no matter what equipment used, are to be able to achieve better processing effect, improve product performance. If you want to know more about the processing of Rockwell, or a friend who can handle it, come to our company.