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Analysis on the development trend of anticorrosion coating

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-31

Anti-Corrosion coating is mainly the water-based zinc-chromium coating, brush coating or spraying with steel parts or components of the surface, baked by the scale of zinc and zinc chromate as the main component of the electrodeless anti-corrosion is coating.

1, extremely strong corrosion resistance: in the same amount of coating, zinc-chromium coating in the humid tropical ocean and industrial atmosphere, its protective performance is higher than electroplating zinc, cadmium electroplating, hot dip galvanized and other protective layers of several times even dozens of times times;

2, will not produce hydrogen embrittlement: it is suitable for tensile strength rm≥1000n/mm2 high-strength bolts, springs and other such steel parts of the surface protection.

Other Features:

1. Good coating quality;

2. No pollution to the environment;

3. Good heat resistance;

4. High adhesion;

5. Good coordination precision.

Chui Auto Parts is a professional engaged in the processing of the Rockwell, anti-corrosion coating manufacturers, compared to electroplating zinc, hot-dip galvanized, electroplating chromium and other traditional surface treatment technology, anti-corrosion coating is very friendly environment, on the Rockwell layer in the additional coating of the composite coating functional better.

Anti-Corrosion coating with its environmental protection, corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, good permeability and hydrogen embrittlement and other characteristics in the industrial field has been rapid development, domestic enterprises to develop rapid digestion and absorption of technology, quickly mastered the essence of the technology.