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Application of environmental protection metal coating in industrial section

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-15

Many peopleEnvironmental protection Metal CoatingAlready have a certain understanding, the following is a brief introduction of environmental protection metal coating in the design of automotive manufacturing machine applications.

Environmentally friendly metal coating with high corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, hydrogen embrittlement and other advantages, in many industrial sectors including the automotive industry, has been applied to the technology, and clearly stipulates that certain parts can only use the metal coating of Rockwell.

Environmental protection Metal coating is also used in cast iron, powder metallurgy materials, aluminum alloy and other parts of the surface anti-corrosion treatment. The application of Dacromet technology greatly prolongs the service life of automobiles.

1. Withstand the corrosion of heat-loaded parts. Some of the automobile parts work at a high temperature, requirements of these parts of the surface protection layer at high temperature also has good anti-corrosion performance, environmental protection metal coating curing temperature of 300 degrees, the coating of chromate polymer does not contain crystalline water, coating at high temperature is not easy to be destroyed, showing excellent high humidity anti-corrosion performance;

2. Anticorrosion of high strength steel parts. High strength steels have the risk of hydrogen embrittlement during pickling and electroplating, although hydrogen can be driven by heat treatment, it is difficult to completely drive hydrogen. Dacromet coating process does not need pickling and activation, also did not lead to hydrogen evolution electrochemical reaction occurred, to avoid hydrogen embrittlement, so particularly suitable for high-strength steel parts such as anti-corrosion;

3, Fasteners anti-corrosion. Dacromet coating ensures hydrogen-free embrittlement, especially for high-strength fasteners. In addition to corrosion resistance, hydrogen embrittlement, friction factor is also an important indicator of fasteners;

4, high corrosion resistance and high weather resistant parts of the anti-corrosion. The Dacromet coating is an inorganic coating that contains no organic polymers, thus not subject to petrol, brake oil, oil, lubricants and other chemical agents, with excellent chemical resistance to the performance of Rockwell coating, the application of Rockwell coating in automotive manufacturing and design so the Rockwell coating is particularly suitable for door locks, exhaust system parts, Chassis parts, as well as automotive external components such as high corrosion resistance and high weather resistance of parts anti-corrosion.