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Analysis on the future development trend of environmental protection metal coating industry

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-23

Environmentally friendly metal coating is a new type of environmental protection metal anticorrosion coating which developed in the the 1950s and began to be applied in the industrial field. Its pollution-free environment and high corrosion resistance, hydrogen embrittlement and other comprehensive quality characteristics, has been rapid development, the following we Chui auto parts for you to analyze the development of environmental protection coating industry trends:

Environmentally-friendly metal coating when the construction of environmental hygiene, coating use also has harmless characteristics, either the Wacker coating or chromium-free coating, is just the beginning of the new industry, is a surface treatment of new technologies, the development prospects are unlimited good. But there is also a saying that environmental technology coating outdated, chrome-free coating will replace the metal coating, as some people said in the past few years electroplating canceled, the total replacement of the electroplating.  Of course, any statement is not correct, after all, the rapid development of the times, for the future of things who can not be expected. But at present, environmental protection metal coating is a new kind of surface treatment technology, now it is combined with our use, and is also a kind of environmental protection technology, in line with national advocacy, so regardless of future development, does not affect our use.

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