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What are the hazards of irregular replacement of air conditioning filters?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2022-11-03

The air conditioner filter is like a human lung. When you turn on the external circulation of the air conditioner, the air conditioner filter can block tiny particles in the air that are invisible to the naked eye, such as dust, dust, and various unpleasant odors, etc., to ensure that the air entering the car is safe Clean. If the air conditioner filter element is dirty and the filter function disappears, these invisible bacteria and dust will be blown into the car through the air conditioner and sucked into the lungs.

Comparison of the removed air conditioner filter element with the new filter element

What happens if you don't maintain your car's air conditioning filter?

If the air conditioning filter element is not properly maintained, a large amount of dust and dirt will accumulate on the surface of the filter plate, radiator, evaporator, and fins, causing airflow blockage; and your air conditioner will also experience cooling and heating effects, increasing power consumption, and noise. , the service life of the air conditioner will also be reduced.

What's more serious: the odor in the car will also endanger the health of the driver and passengers. If you stay in this environment for a long time, people will feel dizzy, nauseous, and even induce respiratory diseases.

Generally, the air filter is replaced every year. The picture below shows the air conditioner filter element after overuse:

Air conditioner filters like this are overused, and they no longer have the effect of normal air conditioner filters, so they need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Car owners know that a lot of dust and dirt will accumulate in the air inlet and evaporator of the car air conditioner after being used for a period of time. Especially during the high incidence of infectious diseases in spring, if the car owner does not clean it up in time, it may cause a series of physical problems.

Where does air conditioning wind come from?

In the car, there is air conditioning in summer and warm air in winter, but do you know where the wind comes from?

At present, most vehicles use an integrated cooling and heating air-conditioning system. Simply speaking, the ventilation principle of the air-conditioning is: the blower sucks the external air into the air-conditioning inlet, passes through the evaporator box and the air-conditioning filter element or filter, and passes through the vehicle along the air supply duct. The inner air outlet enters the cabin.

Why clean the air conditioner?

The air conditioner can adjust the temperature inside the car, remove moisture, make the air in the car fully circulated, and isolate the pollutants in the air.

However, affected by the external environment, the ventilation pipes and filter elements of the car air conditioner will be polluted.

There will be residual moisture in the evaporator and air-conditioning pipelines, and various bacteria are easily produced in a dark and warm environment. By replacing the air-conditioning filter element and cleaning the air-conditioning duct, the growth of bacteria can be effectively reduced.

Is the environment in the car safe?

Since the air-conditioning system can improve the air quality in the car, it can also play a role in isolating pollutants in the air when bad weather such as smog and sandstorms comes. However, the editor suggests that in most cases, the internal circulation of the air conditioner will more sensible.