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The appearance of Dacromet metal coating solves those problems?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2022-09-29

Dacromet metal coating is a common metal surface treatment solution. When in use, just apply Dacromet metal coating on the surface of metal equipment to achieve a certain skin protection. As we smog, Frequent occurrence of severe weather such as acid rain, and the corrosion of metal materials are also common. If some measures are not taken to protect the metal, it will directly affect the later use. The emergence of Dacromet metal coating has solved this problem well. question.

Dacromet metal coating is a water-soluble coating solution, so its permeability is very good, and it can also form a coating in tiny gaps. Its deep coating ability is much better than that of electroplating. Compared with electroplating, for small holes It is very difficult to electroplate the inner wall of the inner wall, but it can be coated well when Dacromet metal is coated. Some people have done experiments, and the tightened spring parts are treated with Dacromet, and then released. In the salt spray test, the salt spray resistance test time can still reach more than 240h, indicating that the dacromet coating liquid has penetrated into the tightly bonded gap.

After the Dacromet metal coating is baked at high temperature, a coating composed of zinc, aluminum flakes and compound salt is formed on the surface of the workpiece. It has a good bonding force with the steel substrate, so its adhesion is quite good. At the same time, the coating surface formed in this way is conducive to the recoating of various coatings.

Dacromet metal coating can withstand the erosion of sulfur dioxide, acid rain, smoke, and dust under a certain layer thickness. It is used in municipal engineering. After testing, its SO2 resistance test can last up to 3 weeks, and it also has a certain chemical resistance. Corrosiveness of medicines, good corrosion resistance in gasoline and engine oil.

Dacromet metal coating not only has a good application on external metal materials such as automobiles, but also can be applied on mechanical equipment in factories. The production of some mechanical castings requires strict technical parameter testing. In order to reduce the error rate, The use of Dacromet metal coating also has a certain protective effect on these parts. Our company provides various types of Dacromet metal coating, and the quality is reliable. If you need it, please contact us.