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Care and Maintenance of Dacromet Coating Equipment

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2022-07-28

Dacromet coating equipment needs regular maintenance to restore the performance of the equipment and prolong the service life. The maintenance content includes cleaning the equipment, keeping the equipment tidy, well lubricated, fastening loose fasteners in time, adjusting the clearance of moving parts, and ensuring that The safe operation of Crowe coating equipment. The precautions for equipment maintenance and repair are as follows:


1. Make sure that the power is turned off before execution. If it is necessary to work under the charged state, special care should be taken during operation.

2, Dedicated personnel, electrical wiring work must be performed by qualified electrical technicians.

3. The warning work must be done properly, timely and clearly remind employees that the equipment is under maintenance and cannot perform operations.

4. Before performing maintenance and inspection steps in the electrical control cabinet or the motor, it must be confirmed that the power supply (circuit breaker) at the workshop side is turned off. Note that when the main power switch is placed in the off position, there may be residual power in the components. Before performing maintenance steps, Please use a multimeter to confirm that there is no residual power in the parts. If maintenance is performed while the power is on, it must be performed by a qualified electrical engineer.

5. Do not open the electrical control cabinet door unless performing maintenance and inspection procedures.

6. Check whether the threaded parts of each threaded connection are firmly tightened, and do not over-tighten the bolts.

7. If the dipping tank of dacromet coating liquid is not used for a long time, the filter circulation system should be cleaned to avoid pipeline blockage; if it is not used, the recovery pump should be cleaned with a special coating liquid diluent to prevent the coating liquid from condensing and drying up during recovery inside the pump.

8. Dacromet coating liquid is sensitive to temperature requirements. In order to prevent aging and stratification of coating liquid, the refrigeration and heating device of industrial chiller and the pneumatic stirring device of semi-automatic coating machine should be guaranteed to be in normal working condition.

The service life of Dacromet coating equipment largely depends on whether the maintenance and maintenance work of the equipment is done well. "Clean, lubricate, fasten, adjust, and prevent corrosion" is the cross rule of equipment maintenance.