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Is it right for friends who drive to upgrade the CN95 cabin filter?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-05-15

The COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has brought huge losses in terms of economic life and health to people in many countries and regions. Under the cover of the epidemic, masks have become a must-have for daily travel. Although the domestic epidemic situation has basically stabilized now, but The impact of the epidemic is still continuing, and we still need to wear masks in our daily appearance.
After resuming work, many friends choose to travel by car. Then, the door will open during driving, and the air conditioner filter will also exchange gas with the outside world, so how to ensure the air safety in the car? This has also become a major car company needs to study of the subject.

Compared with the passive behavior of wearing a mask in the car, having an air filtration system that can effectively filter bacteria has become the goal of many car companies. During the epidemic, Cuiyuan Auto Parts upgraded the air-conditioning system in the car and developed a new air conditioner filter,
And it has obtained the certification of China Automobile Research Huacheng. The car-grade CN95 air-conditioning filter must meet the dust filtration requirements of the air-conditioning system filter standard of the automobile industry, and the second is to achieve a filtration efficiency of 0.3um particles of more than 60%.
During the special period, we, Cuiyuan, have been taking actions, hoping that our car owners can breathe fresh air and travel with confidence.