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The production process and benefits of metal coating?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-08-19

The main purpose of metal coating is to protect the metal surface from corrosion, so the metal coating should be frequently applied on the equipment. Common coatings, spraying and brushing are all metal coatings.

The basic metal coating process requires surface cleaning before the anti-corrosion structure of metal equipment. This can ensure good contact between the coating and the metal. However, the surface of general metal parts usually has oxidation, rust, burrs, oil and moisture, Dust and other surface imperfections, so the metal must be handled carefully.

Electroplating in metal coating can make the surface of the equipment beautiful and prevent rust and corrosion. Therefore, electroplating is widely used in production. However, due to the limitation of electroplating equipment, ordinary factories do not have such workshops. Therefore, this This method is not commonly used, and most of them are metal splash protection on metal surfaces.

Metal spraying uses compressed air to atomize molten metal into particles, which are then sprayed on the surface of the workpiece to form a metal coating. Before spraying, the surface is first derusted and then coated. Due to the relatively simple spraying process and equipment, And basically not limited by the size and shape of equipment and parts, so they are widely used to prevent high-temperature oxidation, high-temperature carbon dioxide corrosion in sulfuric acid production, and anti-corrosion of papermaking equipment.

The purpose of any metal coating process is to protect the surface of the metal workpiece to form a protective layer, protect the metal workpiece from corrosion and rust, and better apply to machinery and work better.