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Xinxiang Dacromet Coating Manufacturer teaches you how to distinguish the quality of auto parts

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-08-05

Any kind of mechanical equipment is composed of some small parts, and the car is no exception. The special parts of the car are an indispensable part of the car. Its quality directly affects the use of the car. Let the following Xinxiang Dacromet Coating Manufacturer will tell you how to distinguish the quality of auto parts.

1. Whether the packaging label is complete: good quality auto parts, usually the quality of the outer packaging is also very good, and the information is complete, generally including: product name, specification model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name and address and telephone number, etc., there are Many auto parts manufacturers also mark their own marks on the parts. Some important auto parts (such as generators, distributors, fuel injection pumps, etc.) User correct use and maintenance;

2. Whether the spare parts are deformed: due to various reasons, the auto parts will be deformed to varying degrees. When the owner distinguishes the quality of the parts, he must check more;

3. Whether the joint part is smooth: During the handling and storage of spare parts, due to vibration and bumping, burrs, indentations, damage or cracks often occur at the joint part, which will affect the use of parts. Pay attention to inspection before use;

4. Whether there is rust on the surface of the parts: the surface of the qualified parts has both a certain precision and a bright finish. The more important the parts, the higher the precision, and the stricter the anti-rust and anti-corrosion of the packaging. Pay attention to inspection before use, If it is found that the parts have rust spots, mildew spots, or rubber parts are cracked, lose elasticity, or there are obvious turning lines on the surface of the journal, they should be replaced;

5. Whether the protective surface is intact: most parts are coated with a protective layer when they leave the factory. For example, piston pins and bearing bushes are protected with paraffin wax; piston rings and cylinder liners are coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper; Pack it in a plastic bag after oiling. If the sealing sleeve is damaged, the wrapping paper is lost, the anti-rust oil or paraffin is lost before use, it should be returned;

6. Whether the glued parts are loose: for accessories composed of 2 or more parts, the parts are pressed, glued or welded, and there is no looseness between them, such as the oil pump plunger and the The adjustment arm is combined by pressing; the clutch driven wheel and the steel sheet are riveted, and the friction plate and the steel sheet are riveted or glued; the paper filter element skeleton and the filter paper are glued together; electrical equipment The wire head is welded. If it is found to be loose before use, it should be replaced;

7. Whether the rotating parts are flexible: When using the oil pump and other rotating parts assembly, turn the pump shaft by hand, and you should feel flexible and free of stagnation; Turn quickly and freely, and then gradually stop. If the rotating parts do not rotate well, it means that the interior is corroded or deformed, so do not buy;

8. Whether there are missing parts in the assembly parts: the normal assembly parts must be complete and intact to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. If some small parts on some assembly parts are missing, the assembly parts will not work or even be scrapped.