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Why Dacromet process can be widely used?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-07-15

Dacromet technology is actually a kind of metal anti-corrosion coating treatment technology, which originated in foreign countries and was translated as Dacromet. In fact, this technology was first used in military anti-corrosion, and after continuous development, it was gradually adopted by many industries. For example, automobile traffic, mechanical construction and metallurgical mines can be widely used, so what are the advantages of Dacromet process coating, and why it can be widely used, let me briefly introduce it below.

1. Environmental protection. Since the entire production process of Dacromet metal coating is a closed cycle process, the intermediate product is basically only water, and no other harmful gases are discharged into the air environment. The surface of the processed workpiece is only rust and oil, so it is more friendly to the environment.

2. Good anti-corrosion effect. This metal coating technology can have a good anti-corrosion effect on automobiles and large steel equipment, and the effective anti-corrosion time is long. According to the data, the corrosion resistance of the metal coating treated by the Dacromet process is Sex can reach more than 41 days.

3. In addition, Dacromet metal coating has good permeability. Ordinary Dacromet metal plating solution is generally in the form of aqueous solution, which has good penetration coating ability for cracks and depressions on the workpiece surface. And the coating surface is smooth and beautiful.

4. Good adhesion performance. Dacromet process coating can form a zinc-aluminum alloy protective layer after high-temperature baking, which can form a good combination with the main steel structure, which is conducive to processing various subsequent appearances and has a long service life long.