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In daily production, how to distinguish dacromet coating solution?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-06-03

The simpler method is to test the performance of the coating. How to test it? Since it is called a fake dacromet liquid, its performance is quite different from that of the real dacromet. If its performance reaches the level of the real dacromet Level, it will not be called fake Dacromet, and people in the industry will quickly adopt this new coating liquid. Therefore, practice is the only criterion for testing the truth, and it is the same here. From the above In the discussion, we clearly know that the so-called fake dacromet coating solution mainly uses spherical zinc powder. Based on this, we can find ways to find spherical zinc powder in the distinction. If there is spherical zinc powder , indicating that there is a problem with the coating liquid, so the following methods for distinguishing are produced:

The first is the water washing method: Dacromet coating solution is a water-based coating solution. In the Dacromet solution using flake zinc powder, a small amount of metal powder will precipitate at the bottom of the container. Most of the flake metal powder , will be mixed in the solution. At this time, you can take the metal powder deposited at the bottom of the container to see if it is a spherical powder. The method is to take a 500ml beaker and put the metal powder at the bottom of the selected container in Put 400ml of deionized water in the beaker and stir it with a glass rod. If it is flaky powder at this time, it will be like the water for washing hairtail. The whole water will appear silvery white, and the flaky powder will hang In the water, after 30 minutes, there will only be a small amount of metal powder at the bottom of the water, most of which are still suspended in the water. If it is spherical powder, or that kind of cake powder, it will sink to the bottom of the cup.


After removing the water, stick a little of this powder with your hands and twist it. The spherical powder feels smoother. These are just rough judgments. But the conclusion is of production significance for users. It is only used for coating The Dacromet coating liquid with little precipitation of zinc powder is selected in the liquid, and the performance will be better. Therefore, in fact, this is a simple method to judge the performance of Dacromet coating. Because the choice is good The flaky zinc powder is an important condition for obtaining a good Dacromet coating. The fake Dacromet coating solution is exactly at this point.

The second method is the observation method: because the zinc powder used in the dacromet coating solution is quite small and cannot be seen directly by the naked eye. Therefore, in order to confirm the actual situation of the zinc powder used, it is necessary to use Tools for analysis and judgment. You can use a microscope for observation. You don’t have to use a microscope with a large magnification, as long as you can see clearly. By observing the zinc powder that has been washed and sank at the bottom of the cup, you can know what is in the coating solution. Details of the selected zinc powder.

After the domestic flake zinc powder is made, its performance is not as good as that of the imported one. If it is relatively thick, the diameter of the flake is large, or the post-treatment is not done well, it will also precipitate quickly when observed by washing method. This kind of powder does not meet the requirements for Dacromet, and the quality of the coating made with this kind of powder is poor. But this flake powder can be used in other water-based paints.

Driven by market profits, fake Dacromet coatings will still appear. Based on the analysis of the production cost of Dacromet coatings with chromium, if the materials used are relatively good, the cost is about 25,000. The cost of the material is very low. From the situation of the coating, you can see that most of them are metal powder. In the water-based coating liquid, the metal powder accounts for about 20 to 30%. If If we calculate at 20%, about 200 kg of zinc powder will be used in one ton of coating solution, assuming that the domestic ones sell for 40,000 yuan per ton (actually around 30,000 yuan), and the imported ones are 40,000 yuan per ton. 80,000 yuan, and the price difference per kg is 40 yuan. And the ultra-fine zinc powder is only about 15,000 ton per ton, based on the calculation of 200 kg of zinc powder per ton of coating liquid, you can see that the use of imported zinc powder and The domestic zinc powder will have a difference of 8,000 yuan per ton, and the surface coating solution of zinc powder will be 5,000 yuan per ton compared with domestic zinc flakes. Compared with imported zinc powder, the gap will be even greater. This is why those coatings made with ultra-fine zinc powder are sold at very low prices and are still profitable. If ultra-fine zinc powder is used, the quality of the coating can be as good as that of imported zinc powder. If so, the cost of this Dacromet coating is very competitive compared with electroplating. Hope to achieve this goal one day.

If after inspection, the zinc powder is flaky zinc powder, and the quality of the Dacromet coating made with this coating solution is questionable, this is the problem of the formula itself. The solution is to change a supplier Well. If you are doing it yourself and encounter this kind of problem, you have to spend money to introduce another formula. Fortunately, the price of the formula is not high now. With one more formula, you can also learn from the strengths of others. For you It is very beneficial to improve the coating liquid. Or you can directly introduce the chromium-free Dacromet formula. After all, the chromium-free coating of Dacromet coating is something to be done sooner or later. One step ahead is better than others. There is one more opportunity. Only those who are ahead in the industry will have relatively less risk.