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Is the CN95 air filter useful?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-01-29

CN95 air filter, people who often drive cars may be curious about whether this product is useful. What role does this product play in terms of air purification and purification in the car.
Now we see that some automobile factories have also made some publicity. Now most of the automobile manufacturers leave the factory with CN95 air filters as standard equipment, and some manufacturers even provide value-added services when they sell, which is to replace the automobile air filter. It can also be seen that the air quality problem in the car has attracted a lot of attention.

First of all, when it comes to car air filters, like our masks, they need to be verified and tested by the state. It has strict testing standards. Car air filters, it has an effect on our entire filtration and particles The fine dust is strictly controlled, so it must be useful.
However, if the CN95 air filter is used for a long time, it will be more likely to be blocked, resulting in a relatively small air volume of our car air conditioner, which is actually similar to our masks. For example, when we wear N95 masks for a long time, we will feel short of breath. When you are breathing, if you wear a general medical mask and change it frequently, you will feel that your breathing is quite smooth. Therefore, our CN air filter also needs to be replaced frequently to ensure the effect.