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What is the role of the car air conditioning filter and how to maintain it

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-01-21

Nowadays, many families have one or several cars, and now cars have many functions, not limited to transportation. Now almost every car is equipped with air conditioners, and most newcomers may only know about car air conditioners that they can cool It is hot, but I don’t understand the function of the air conditioning filter. The following editor will tell you about the function and maintenance of the air conditioning filter.
Car air conditioner filter element can protect the glass of the car from the influence of water vapor, make the driver's vision clear, drive safely, provide fresh air for the cab, prevent the driver from inhaling harmful gases, and drive safely.
Car air conditioning filter element can make the air in the cab clean, do not breed bacteria, create a healthy environment, and effectively separate dust and solid impurities in the air.

If the air conditioner filter element of the car is dirty, remember not to clean it with water and replace it in time, because there are too many bacteria on it, which will enter the car with the circulation of the car, causing diseases in the respiratory system of the people in the car, etc., and the filter element is dirty to a certain extent The degree will block the filter element and affect the filtering effect.
Car air conditioner filter elements should be replaced at least twice a year, but because most car owners don’t understand the function of the filter element, they think that the car air conditioner can cool and heat, and it doesn’t matter whether it is dirty or not, so they are not replaced. But in order to protect our respiratory system It is recommended that you replace it at least twice a year.