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How to install CN95 air conditioner filter

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-01-07

 The car air conditioner filter element can filter the dust and impurities in the air. After a long time, it will be polluted and blocked. At this time, it needs to be removed and cleaned or replaced in time. The CN95 air conditioner filter element is mainly composed of non-woven fabrics and activated carbon and other filter materials. Due to the fact that after a period of use, a lot of solid particles in the air such as dust and bacteria will be deposited inside the filter element, so it cannot be completely cleaned, and it needs to be replaced in time.CN95 air conditioner filter element.So how to remove and install it?

The position of the air conditioner filter is different for different models. The air conditioner filter of some cars is under the front windshield and covered by the diversion water tank, while the air conditioner filter of most models is located behind the front glove box of the passenger seat, generally on the left lower side.
1. Open the hood, and the air conditioner filter element is covered by a plastic plate near the co-pilot;
2. Unscrew the screw on the plastic plate, then tear off a section of the front rubber strip, and take off the plastic plate to see the air conditioner filter element;
3. There is a buckle on each side of the air conditioner filter, pull the buckle outwards, and the air conditioner filter can be pulled out;
4. Open the glove box, you can see the fixing buckle, take it off, squeeze the two sides of the glove box to the middle with both hands, and the glove box can be disassembled;
5. Open the air conditioner air filter cover, pull out the core; then replace the new CN95 air conditioner filter element, and then follow the above sequence to complete.