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N95 air conditioner filter manufacturers share how to add fluoride to car air conditioners

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-12-10

There are two methods of filling refrigerants in automobile air conditioners: high-pressure end charging and low-pressure end charging. The following N95 air-conditioning filter manufacturers will talk about the diagram of the method of adding fluorine to the car air-conditioning and the steps of adding refrigerant to the car air-conditioning. If you don’t know how to do it, you can follow these methods .


The high-pressure end charging is to add liquid refrigerant to the air-conditioning and refrigeration system through the high-pressure side of the pressure gauge. The operation method is:


(1) Connect the filling pipeline. Connect the combined high pressure and low pressure side joints to the high and low pressure maintenance valves of the compressor respectively, and connect the maintenance central joint to the refrigerant tank.


(2) Open the refrigerant tank valve handle.


(3) Loosen the middle hose joint nut of the combination pressure gauge a little until you hear the hissing refrigerant leakage sound, drive out the air in the hose, and then tighten the joint nut.


(4) Open the high-pressure valve of the combined pressure gauge, turn the refrigerant tank upside down, and let the refrigerant flow into the pipeline (the sound of liquid flow can be heard), until the refrigerant in the system reaches the specified amount. For refrigerant R134a, the pressure of the high-pressure gauge about 1.55


1.85MPa, for refrigerant R12, the pressure of the high pressure gauge is reduced by about 0.2MPa.


(5) Close the valve handle of the refrigerant tank and the high-pressure valve of the pressure gauge, remove the combined pressure gauge and refrigerant tank, and complete the charging of the refrigerant.


The N95 air conditioner filter manufacturer will introduce to you today the illustration of the method of adding fluoride to the car air conditioner and the steps of adding refrigerant to the car air conditioner. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the method of adding fluoride to the car air conditioner. If you want to know more, please Pay attention to other articles! N95 air conditioning filter manufacturers will see you soon.