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Is it useful to replace N95 air conditioning filter element free of charge by car manufacturers?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-11-27

With the outbreak of the epidemic, people have begun to pay more attention to the protection of vehicles. In recent years, many manufacturers have promoted the activity of upgrading N95 air-conditioning filters for vehicles. New cars on sale will be upgraded uniformly. Old cars can also go to 4S stores to replace them for free. air conditioning filter element, so what is the significance of this measure for half of consumers?


Here, let’s first figure out the difference between air purification and anti-virus. Now all air conditioner filters have a filtering effect on the air, which is nothing more than a difference in level, and the air conditioner filter with HEPA filter is a higher-level filter. It can effectively filter and purify the air; the anti-virus itself has a different technical principle. Take the common medical N95 mask as an example. It relies on ultra-fine electrostatic fibers to absorb viruses, but this static electricity will gradually disappear. As time goes by, or get wet, the adsorption capacity will continue to weaken. Therefore, N95 masks are disposable products. If they are reused, the filtration capacity will not meet the standard. But it is impossible for vehicles to adopt this technology. In that case, everyone uses everything every day Don't do it, it's enough to change the air conditioner filter, so the car can only use long-lasting air purification filters, but the current filters can only filter the air and cannot prevent viruses.


The so-called N95 air-conditioning filter element upgraded by the manufacturer this time is a filter element using a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter can theoretically filter particles larger than 0.3m in the air, but it is useless for viruses with a diameter of 0.06-0.14m, so it can only Filter the air. Fortunately, most of the viruses in the air are attached to the aerosol carrier, and this carrier is usually relatively large, so it still has a certain filtering effect.


For users, if the vehicle itself uses air conditioner filters with HEPA filters, the newly replaced air conditioner filters will not improve much. Now many brands of air conditioner filters not only have HEPA filters, but also activated carbon filters. Combining multiple filters to form a composite filter, the overall effect will actually be better; if the air conditioner filter element used before is usually replaced, after all, it is free, and it is good to upgrade to a new air conditioner filter element for free. But you have to go out There will be a new problem when changing the air conditioner filter, driving out, contacting people, increasing the risk.


Generally speaking, the current activity of replacing the N95 air conditioner filter element can be regarded as a kind of feedback from the manufacturer to the user. After all, it can be regarded as a maintenance for free replacement of the air conditioner filter element. But as time goes by, it is hard to say whether this configuration will be maintained , if the N95 filter element is charged as a separate configuration in the future, I personally think that there is no need to spend money on it. The air conditioner filter itself is a consumable. Considering the air quality in most areas of our country, changing an air conditioner filter every year is a daily routine. For maintenance, you can replace it yourself later, and there is no need to spend more money for it when buying a car or maintaining it.

In my opinion, the upgrade of the N95 air conditioner filter element by the car company is essentially a marketing activity, and it is also a marketing activity that does not cost much. This kind of HEPA filter air conditioner filter element is already available in the market, and the retail price is not expensive. It can be bought in tens of dollars. So the cost is only so much, a car costs tens of yuan, and it may be less. After all, bulk purchases are cheap. The effect of the event is naturally to brush up a wave of user favorability.


Under the current situation, few people will really change it. After all, it is better to go out less. It would be more realistic if the new air conditioner filter element is delivered directly to each user with a replacement tutorial.