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N95 air conditioning filter plays an important role in the vehicle system

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-11-14

Car N95 air-conditioning filter element should also pay attention to daily maintenance and repair when using it, which will affect its service life. Its life has a lot to do with our daily use environment. Let's follow the editor to learn more about it.


If the vehicle often drives in an environment with a lot of dust, the maintenance work of the N95 air conditioning filter element must be done frequently. If the vehicle is driven in an environment with a relatively small dust content, the service life of the filter element will be longer. The car mainly depends on different environmental requirements. To master the operation of the equipment, don't wait until the working condition fails to know that it needs to be maintained and overhauled. As everyone knows, it is impossible to overhaul in this case, and serious damage will be caused.


Some car owners think that the air conditioner filter will not fail, as long as the appearance is not damaged, it can be used all the time. If the car owner does not know the operation of these components, he can learn from the manual. The running kilometers can also know the overall condition of the equipment and the gas flow rate of the filter element. The ratio of the gas flow to the engine's demand can also measure its operation.


If the filter element is blocked, the engine will work abnormally. At this time, the owner should judge this situation, dismantle the filter element for maintenance or replace it in time, and pay attention to the color change inside and outside the filter element.