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What does "vehicle grade CN95 air conditioning filter element" mean?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-10-13

In the automotive industry, health and safety are undoubtedly the two major concerns of consumers. The top three considerations for consumers when buying a car are quality, safety and performance.
Entering 2020, users are paying more and more attention to the air safety and health in the car, and car owners hope to add air purification and air quality monitoring devices in the car. The epidemic is coming, but the epidemic has made the air safety and health in the car rise as another consideration when buying a car focus.
Then, with the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the epidemic will have a lot of impact on the configuration of cars in the future. What is the meaning of the "car-grade CN95 air-conditioning filter element" widely promoted by mainstream automakers recently?

Among them, C stands for "Car", and "CATARCCN95" certification is also the level certification of automotive air-conditioning filters. According to the certification standards issued by China Auto Research Huacheng Certification Center, "car-level CN95 air filter" must meet three requirements:
Mainly meet the dust filtration requirements of the air conditioning system filter standard in the automotive industry;
Secondly, under the air volume of 288 cubic meters per hour, the filtration efficiency of 0.3 micron particles reaches more than 95 percent;
In addition, the sterilization rate of tuberculosis, Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pyogenes, etc. should reach 99.99%;
That is to say, the car air conditioner filter element that can meet these three requirements can be called "car standard CN95 air conditioner filter element".